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A hysterical scream escaped my throat, but before it could gain strength and volume with my rapidly rising terror, it was quickly silenced as his hand closed hard over my mouth, stunning me for only a heartbeat.  His other hand followed suit instantly and clasped around my throat as his body rammed into mine, instantaneously lifting me off of my feet and slamming me hard into the wall, knocking the wind out of me and sending me dizzy as my head connected with the solid wall.  My vision blurred for a moment, but I wasn't sure if it was from a concussion or fear.  

My hands went to his in an instant, desperate to pry off them my mouth and throat.  My eyes were wide and sharp, locked directly onto his as his starred back, keen and hard.  

Heat rising to my face and pressure building under my skin as he constricted not only my airway, but also my blood flow.  My nerves jumping and moving erratically.  I willed my hands and body to stop shaking, but it still trembled.  

I hadn't to been this scared since... Since the last time I face this man.  A monster.  A demented, sick... creature.  The only creature I ever really feared.  I could take anything.  Anything!  Years of training had made it so I was never in a compromising situation again.  Made it so I'd never be truly scared again.  But it didn't matter.  After all these years of training and fighting and working, it didn't matter!  He was sick and twisted and inhuman!  And he terrified me.  All my work and training and strength vanished as cold, hard fear set in.  The same fear and foreboding that I had felt before.  

The memories flashed on my mind and before my eyes, flashing at an unimaginable speed.  The sounds, smells, feelings, images absorbed into me as though I was there.  Flashing between past and present.  The torture of being his plaything six years ago and the torture of being in his grasp again.  The events replayed before my eyes at light speed, before melding and finally becoming one with the present.  

I couldn't breath and it wasn't just because of his hand at my throat.

My eyes stayed locked with his.  No matter how I had perfected hiding my terror, or feelings in general, my terror was clear.  Years of practice and protective walls had crumbled down into nothingness.  And here I was, pressed up against a wall, just as vulnerable as the day he set eyes on me -- tired, broken and hurt.

I choked down a whimper as his face drew close to mine.

His eyes trailed down to my hand that was grasping hard at his and turning white from the pressure.  My fingers were trained and strong; and they were trembling.  A malicious grin crept slowly over his features as his eyes slowly rose to mine.

That grin.  It made a bile rise in the back of my throat.

"I see you haven't forgotten me." His voice, thick with accent and flowing suavely.  His eyelids drew low as his face moved closer to mine.  "I'm glad I made such a..."  His lips moved next to my ear, his breath ghosting over my skin.  God, he was so close!, "lasting impression."  My eyes clasped shut and I tried to pull away, look away, but he held me tight.

The fear fed his rush, I knew it did, but I could suppress it.

My choking breath came fast and shaky.  My heart beating so hard I felt as though it would leap from my chest or stop dead.  He could feel it.  The warmth of my breath over his skin, the rapid beating of my heart pulsating against him.  It enticed him.

A moan deep in his throat, "I've forgotten how much I liked you." He cooed, "You were most enthralling.  So much fun to play with.  You have the most... Enticing reactions.  Like a wild fire.  Powerful, unpredictable, but so usefully and... Warm, when tamed."

He pressed tighter against me and I thrashed wildly.  My finger nails dug deep into his skin and I let a choked scream fight from my throat, but was muffled to near silence from his hand.  

He pressed harder against me until I slowed in my fight.  

A low, moan-like chuckle came near to my ear.  "But you were never tamed, were you?  You still have that fight.  Never entirely broken.  Just exhausted." He moved against me.  "I see now that I was too easy on you.  You could take more, couldn't you?"

I shook my head desperately, fighting back the tears that threatened to spill over my cheeks.  A muffled, choked whimper slipping from my throat.
Iím sorry, I know this is creepy and I really donít know where it came from, but it just hit me at 5am so I wrote it. If it makes you feel any better, she kicks his ass and escapes without any infirmities besides her emotional turmoil and stress. I just canít get my inspiration to push any further, so I didnít write that. Maybe I will later, so peg this as a Work In Process.

:thumb102050550: :thumb204757038: Oh, and all rights belong to me, as this is an original work. So hands off! :D I know I said Iíd never post any original stuff online, but Creative Commons, plus the fact that I canít use this in any original plots I have, equals, I changed my mind. :D
Mayumisan Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012
This piece is mesmerizing in a really scary way. I can see this actually taking place in an alleyway with no one else around. So it is creepy, but the emotion and depth put into it is admirable.
Aniphine Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012  Professional Writer
Thank you so much. :D
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